• Thank's be to God that He loves me. Thank's to the entire church family for accepting me and my family, and making us feel as if we are apart of one huge church family.


    5 starIt's hard now a days to find a church that speaks from the heart and for the love of there gatherers! I have been so blessed to be apart of a church who does this and so much more! You have truly been a blessing in my life and my families!.


    5 starDo you want or need answers? Here at Faith Baptist Church we show you from God's love letter to us (the King James Bible) just how much He loves you! No human interpretation, only what God says is TRUTH!.


    King James Bible

    Faith Baptist Church firmly believes that the King James Bible is the inspired, preserved, and perfect Word of God for the English language.

    Nursery Available

    A staffed nursery is available for all services. Our fully qualified nursery staff closely monitor all children while providing a fun nurturing environment.

    Contact Us

    Someone is always available to listen. Contact our church office at (414) 301-9319 or email us at help@faithbaptistmilw.org.